Argies Acoustic Show

Argies, is a band from Argentina of punk rock, reggae, dub and ska, formed in Rosario, Santa Fe; in 1984.[1] The name "Argies" is the pejorative apocope for "Argentine", expression extensively used by the British soldiers during the war in Falkland in 1982.[2] Even though their musical root is the British punk from the seventies, the band's lyrics have a testimonial style and, nowadays, turning to a deeper search into the inside of human ethic.
Unlike most bands, which have fixed members, Argies works as a cooperative of independent musicians. Each member that comes into the band plays until their personal and free decision to leave, helping to create a cultural movement across the years. Performances in 45 countries: With many shows in Argentina, Argies also has played 1211 shows in Europe, 74 shows in Latin America and 43 shows in Asia (included 14 shows in China) between 1996 and 2022.

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  • 20:00 - 23:45
    10.00 CHF Facebook Event
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