Pissed n Proud - Oi! and Punk Night

Stomping Heart Events present:
PISSED n PROUD - Oi! and punk night!
Live in Concert:
DIRTY JOB (Milano, Italy)
"Rough oi! band from Milano Italy"
INFECTIVE (Winterthur, Switzerland)
"Teenage power - piss on your flower! säg und tue wasd wotsch und spuck uf alles ! 1984 is now ! Hauemer ab neimets anderst ane-weg vo allne Regle ine freii Wält ! und LIVE FOR TODAY!!!"
THE DAMN GIVERS (Geneva, Switzerland)
"The Damn Givers is the story of four friends from
Geneva, Switzerland who love music!
In 2014, we joined forces to share our personal music
experiences, write and play new material in the vein
of New-York Hardcore, skate & punk culture with a sip
of ’77 first punk wave!
Since then, we are still in the same line-up and
praise the same values : To play without compromise
to let off the steam and share intense moments with
the crowd coming to our gigs!
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